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Winton Flooring Manchester specialise in the supply and installation of outdoor events flooring, fitting floor coverings for sports events and public, corporate attraction flooring in Manchester and throughout the North West, UK.

As outdoor events flooring suppliers in Manchester, we are proud to have been involved with the Salford Quays Triathlon where we have installed over 2000 square metres of carpet to change over areas on the track. We have also installed carpet at the London, Cardiff and Strathclyde Triathlons.

We are regularly contracted to projects at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry and have recently installed flooring for the Mars and Doctor Who Exhibitions.

On such flooring projects we are able to offer the design teams advice on product choice and detailing in order to give the required impact at a competitive rate.

We have been involved in projects at Manchester United and the Etihad Stadium.

During August we secured two jobs at the London 2012 Olympics. Working for Virgin London Marathon and LOCOG we were asked to install 3000m2 of carpet to define the start and finish areas for the Marathon Walking competition. The carpet was fitted on The Mall, outside Buckingham Palace. This was a highly prestigious project and we were very proud to have been involved.

Flooring is important in any setting. There are hundreds of ways you can floor your outdoor space to stand out from other ones. Below are some key considerations for outdoor event flooring in any project you may have.

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Composite Wood Decking
Outdoor flooring has its fair share of different styles, designs, and materials you can use to get exactly what you prefer. For a start, trying a composite wood-look decking option is the most popular way to floor outdoor space, mainly since it is versatile in appearance. Your outdoor patio’s flooring can have polished, modern, rusting, and even have a homely-feel. The styles are endless, so you can make your outdoor patio as custom as you can.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile
The use of ceramic and porcelain tiles is also a great way to make a gorgeous patio with a classic tone. These tiles have unique designs; they are also durable compared to other natural materials traditionally used for outdoor floor settings. They come with other pros, such as cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and perfect outdoor entertainment. Other options include artificial grass, outdoor carpets, plastic tiles, and rubber flooring

Sports Flooring Contractors in Manchester

To find out more about our sports events flooring and corporate attraction flooring services in Manchester, call our sports flooring contractors in Manchester on 0161 773 3895 or email info@wintonflooring.co.uk for a quick response.

Outdoor Event Flooring FAQs

Can you put flooring outside?

It is not uncommon nowadays to have some flooring outdoors, no matter your location. You can use different materials to make a perfect flooring for entertainment, keeping mud out of your compound, and thousands of other uses you may have. The process for outdoor flooring might be a bit different from indoor flooring. Hence, it is advisable to have a professional handle the whole process. It is always best to first consult with professional flooring contractors to see all the options you have and get it done right the first time.

What is the best flooring for a balcony?

A balcony is still part of your outdoors, and if you are wondering whether you need a special type of flooring, then you have come to the right place. One important factor to note is that you need to have waterproof flooring for your balcony to keep it away from destruction from rain and moisture from the environment. There are five various options you can consider. These are brick flooring, concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles, rubber pavers, and heavy-duty flexible coating.

How Do You Choose Outdoor Event Flooring?

When choosing an outdoor event flooring, look for something that is resilient enough to withstand the specific conditions of where your event will be taking place. For example, if there is a chance of it raining or snowing during your event, you’ll want to opt for a PVC fabric that prevents water damage from happening when it rains or snows.
Winton Flooring have a range of products designed specifically with anti-slip functionality and increased durability in mind. It’s also fire retardant and moisture resistant for added peace of mind during events that happen outdoors.

Consult Winton Flooring Ltd today to get your quote and professional service for all your outdoor event flooring.