Commercial Flooring: Where To Begin?

Choosing the right commercial flooring can be a confusing process. Making a mistake and having to redo the entire floor space can be both costly and cause a lot of upheaval and inconvenience for you, your business and your clients/residents.

commercial flooringOf course, one of your key concerns will be with the appearance of the flooring. This is often overlooked by interior designers, but the right flooring can make that all-important difference between a warm and welcoming environment and a cold and dull one. So what are the other practical considerations you should take into account?

The Purpose of the Commercial Property
The ideal flooring material depends mainly on the type of property you possess. Private residential developments would not need the same type of flooring as a hotel, for example. You need to consider how much foot traffic you expect the area to have as this will affect how much wear and tear the flooring will be able to stand before needing to be replaced. Hallways, hotel receptions and corridors are all areas which need a last-lasting material which is resistant to scratches and other damage.

The Cost of Maintaining your Commercial Flooring
Apart from the restrictions on your budget to pay for the commercial flooring, you should also think long-term. How much money can you afford to keep the flooring looking good for longer? Wooden floors look fantastic, but they also need specialised cleaning products to preserve them. If you are flooring an area which is liable to spills and stains, you need a material that can be cleaned easily with a mop.

How Much Flooring needs to be Covered?
The expanse of the floor which needs to be covered is another factor you should consider. Do you need flooring for an open-plan area or for individual rooms? Some flooring materials are more cost-effective when fitting smaller areas. Flooring for residential units or in open-plan offices must cut down on noise pollution as much as possible. This can prevent complaints and increase work productivity.

Health & Safety Considerations
As the business or property owner, you are legally liable for any accidents which occur involving your employees or customers. In certain areas (such as bathrooms and kitchens) or in certain buildings (such as care homes), you should choose flooring which is slip-resistant and hygienic. It must be easy to clean and if necessary, disinfect.

How Winton Flooring Can Help you
Are you still confused and don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry because our professional team at Winton Flooring, with nearly 40 years of experience, are on hand to help you. We can talk you through your options and offer a free estimation service. This way you’ll choose the flooring material which suits your needs and your budget.