Guide To Outdoor Event Flooring

How to Choose the Best Flooring Solutions For An Outdoor Corporate Or Sports Event?

Are you planning an outdoor corporate or sports outdoor event? The first thing you need to know is that outdoor venues can be challenging. Even the slightest error can destroy the entire event. Outdoor event flooring is crucial because, if planned wrong, it can lead to various guests’ injuries and expensive damages to any equipment or to other logistics.

outdoor event flooringWe’ve put together this brief guide to outdoor event flooring to help you plan the best corporate or sports events.

Location Conditions

An outdoor event usually requires turning a field into a temporary parking lot. However, this can lead to damaged grass as well as mud and dirt being carried onto your main outdoor event flooring area. To avoid this, you can cover the designated parking area with a grass matt. When it comes to sports events, Winton Flooring Manchester also provides special solutions such as installing carpet flooring to change over areas on a track. Also, start and finish areas for running or walking marathons need to have the right flooring installed. Winton Flooring Manchester offers immediate and durable flooring solutions for these types of events.

Safety, Durability & Portability

In case you’ve installed a tent for your outdoor corporate event, you should make sure the interior flooring stays dry. Focus on choosing a flooring that is water resistant to prevent guests’ injuries from trips and slips. Winton Flooring Manchester’s team can design and advise you on the best solutions at highly competitive rates. The easy-to-install and durable flooring solutions available at Winton Flooring Manchester offer complete protection against damages from repeated use, they’re quickly removable and are environmentally friendly. To guarantee that your event will carry out smoothly, the flooring system you choose should be designed to resist abrasions, scratches, stains, cigarette burns. The flooring should hold up against very intense use and also throughout different weather conditions like high temperatures or heavy rain. Whenever you plan an outdoor corporate or sports event you should always check the local safety, health and environment regulations. Winton Flooring Manchester has integrated all these key matters into its flooring solutions.


Aesthetics and style are key to any event. The flooring system you choose has a great impact on the overall appeal of your corporate or sports event. With Winton Flooring Manchester you’ll have functionality and style guaranteed. Your guests will feel comfortable and safe with the flooring solutions we provide.

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